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Marvel and DC Comics has all prepped up for coming years to launch more superhero movies in the year 2018 and beyond. Evidently, there is no stopping on comic-based movies as it gets followed by the huge fan base. If you also crave for superhero stuff, here are the best collection of superhero series that you must watch.

#1 The Punisher

Frank Castle aka ‘The Punisher’ was last featured in Netflix Marvel series Daredevil Season 2, introduced as a villain-turned anti-hero vigilante clashing ideologies with Daredevil.  The soldier whose family was brutally murdered under some military cum political dark covert operation. The Punisher in the Daredevil was more like dark and depressing kind of sub-plot to offer where he is still coping with his family’s murder. He totally has deserved his own spin-off where he gets united with his sidekick former NSA analyst ‘Micro’.

IMDb Ratings: 8.7/10

Image Source: Nebeep

#2 Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is quite different from all Marvel’s superheroes, it is a bit of  18+ content-oriented supernatural vigilante story. This character Jessica Jones is darker and mysterious Private Investigator in New York City earlier used to be a failed superhero for a while. Jessica Jones Season 2 just has released on Netflix.

IMDb Ratings: 8.1/10

Image Source: Popsugar

#3 Gotham

Gotham series narrates the journey of Detective James Gordon from DC Universe fighting crime in Gotham city before the rise of Batman. It is must-watch treat for Batman lovers where a new dimension of ‘ Batman’ world is revealed. The series witness the rise of all Batman legendary villains like The Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Ra’s Ghul, Fish Mooney, The Joker, Catwoman, Scarecrow, Don Falcon and more. It also gives a rich background of other significant characters in Batman world like Alfred Pennyworth, Detective Gordon, Lucius Fox, Harvey Dent and more.

IMDb Rating:  7.9/10

Image Source: ComingSoon

#4 Black Lightning

Not much we see a black superhero which is so stereotypic and one of the boring cliches of superhero universes. That simply means Black Lightning is a really cool supernatural vigilante. It is about Jefferson Pierce who can harness the power of electricity use to fight crime before his retirement when now he has one divorced wife and two teenage girls to care about. But the city again falls apart to the constant rise of crime and that motivate the retired superhero to again wear the costume of ‘Black Lightning’.

IMDb Rating: 6.4/10

Image Source: RedBrick


#5 The Flash

The Flash is one of the most popular superhero television series in the history of International television. The CW series is based upon the DC Comics character  Flash in arrowverse. It is about a forensic scientist who works for Central City Police Department got the superspeed after getting struck by lightning. With the help of their friends at Star Labs, Cisco and Caitlin, he started fighting against other evil meta supervillains.

IMDb Rating: 8/10

Image Source: EntertainmentWeekly

#6 Daredevil

Another vigilante from Marvel Cinematic Universe is Daredevil. However, MCU usually produces more superhero kind of comics not much into the dark and vigilante stuff like DC goes in with characters like Batman and Green Arrow. One can say Daredevil seems like ‘DC’ version of ‘Marvel’. It is about a blind attorney, Matt Murdock who fights crime in the night as the vigilante known as ‘Daredevil’. Matt gets blinded in his childhood due to the accident where he gifted a heightened sense of hearing and feeling.

IMDb Rating:  8.7/10

Image Source: Inverse

#7 Supergirl

Supergirl is another bulletproof alien superhero from Krypton after Superman. She is cousin sister of Superman. She also has an alter ego Kara Danvers who unveiled her powers to save people in National City. It is third season airing on the CW network channel.

IMDb Rating: 6.5/10

Image Source: TV Guide

#8 Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is spin-off series from Arrowverse. It is about a former time master Rip Hunter who recruits men and women with special abilities on a mission to save the world from destroying through time travel. The show features some significant characters from Arrowverse series like The Flash and Arrow. Initially, the show featured Sarah Lance ( White Canary), Ray Palmer ( Atom), Hawk-man & Hawk girl, Dr Martin & Jefferson ( Firestorm), Captain Cold and Heatwave as well.

IMDb Rating: 7/10

Image Source: TV Guide

#9 Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is a spin-off from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is about Agent Phil Coulson who runs a team of super-skilled agents in behalf of global law-enforcement spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D to fight against extraordinary and supernatural threats.

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

Image Source: EntertainmentWeekly

#10 Iron Fist

Another supernatural hero from Marvel Cinematic Universe from the planned series of  Marvel including Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Luke Cage. It is about the millionaire Danny Rand who has lost his parents in a plane crash and himself survived in the Himalayas where he rescued by warrior monks at the age of 11. He grew up in the mysterious place called K’un-Lun in tough condition and trained to be the warrior. Then, he returned to New York where he claimed the legacy and fight against crime.

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Image Source: Inverse

#11 Arrow

Arrow is the another most popular dark vigilante from the DC universe and it is said to be most elaborated sub-universe in DC as it includes The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine and Supergirl as well. It also gives easter eggs about colliding the other DC worlds like of Batman and Green Lantern as well. Arrow narrates the story of multi-millionaire who stranded on an island and expertise in archery and fight against crime after wearing a hood.

IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Image Source: TV Guide

#12 The Gifted

Marvel’s The Gifted is about an ordinary family whose lives got changed when they know that their teenage kids have developed supernatural mutant powers. The family joined the underground network of mutants fighting against the hunt of governmental organisations.

IMDb Ratings: 7.7/10

#13 The Defenders

The Defenders is the miniseries with the crossover of Marvel top heroes with a single goal of saving the New York City. With having own internal conflicts, the superheroes, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron fist and Luke Cage fight against big evil eyeing upon the city. They grouped together to fight against the war coming to the city.

IMDb Ratings: 7.6/10

Image Source: Wired

#14 Legion

Legion is about a young man who was reported as schizophrenia in his childhood. He constantly moving in and out from the psychiatric institutions. The young man David founds himself witnessing weird sounds and unreal visuals. He escaped from the hospital and reside at his sister Amy’s place. David’s life soon changed when he discovered about the new life he was getting into with the help of a therapist and some specialists.

IMDb Ratings: 8.4/10

Image Source: TV Guide

#15 Luke Cage

Luke Cage is the action-packed bulletproof superstrong vigilante who fights against crime in the Harlem, New York. He has the unbreakable skin with super strength. After he got failed in a relationship with Jessica Jones, he started his career as Harlem’s superhero.

IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10

Image Source: Wrif

#16 Small Ville

A different interpretation of DC Universe’s Superman which features a younger version of Clark Kent who is learning to adapt his superpowers. It basically has represented the evolution of the superhero with challenges of the youngster in the midst all love, friendship and drama.

IMDb Ratings: 7.5/10

Image Source: Pinterest

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Featured Image Source: hdqwalls

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Comicstaan judge Biswa Kalyan shared that people secretly judge comedy but to give them rating was challenging



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 Stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath is currently judging and mentoring the comedy stand-up show Comicstaan along with other six stand-up comedians. The comedy stand-up show basically is comedy talent hunt shows where the seven comedy contemporaries are supposed to find out the best 10 selected comedians from the auditions in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The show has started streaming on the Amazon Prime

Image Source: Twitter

Biswa Kalyan who is an IIT alumnus talked about the show and his comedy stint along with what really changed the field of stand-up comedy. He has been popularly known for his stand-up comedy shows and also got his stand-up comedy original show ‘ Mast Aadmi’ on Amazon Prime. He also wrote the web series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’ 

Image Source: justdial

Biswa Kalyan has shared that every new show teaches one about the world and how the person is as well. According to him, doing Comicstaan was a great experience. He said everybody secretly judges comedy but the challenge was to do it in the public where one’s opinion really matters. He shared that they can laugh at times but ultimately they have to rate it which required a lot of introspection. He has said  “Every new show teaches you a lot – about the world and who you are. Doing Comicstaan was a great experience completely. We all secretly judge comedy, but it was a challenge to do it publicly as your opinions really matter. You can laugh but to come down to a number and rate an act, it needed a lot of introspection.”

Image Source : Forummalls

He said that the participants were really so much talented that they didn’t need much mentoring. He also learnt a lot during the process of judging Comicstaan. He also mentioned that the actual challenge was to polish their strength in comedy without imposing their thoughts and ideas on their content and style. He said that he and others have really fun interacting with these new comedians.

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He added  “The participants were really talented and so they did not need much mentoring. But yes, during the process I got to learn a lot. The challenge was to maintain and polish their strengths than forcing our thoughts and ideas. I must add it was a fun time interacting with these young people,”

Watch Comicstaan Now | Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Biswa Kalyan shared that according to him, every comedian should write their own act and they should never follow other’s style. He mentioned that a joke actually an intellectual property and it should not be copied. He also said when the comedian writes their own stand-ups it will be easier to act it that way. On writing is his strength, he further talked  “I think everybody should write their own acts and never follow anybody else’s style. I think a joke is also an intellectual property and it shouldn’t be copied. And when you write for yourself, you know its soul and it’s easier to perform that way.”

Image Source: The Manipal Journal

Biswa Kalyan further talked about his last writing experience where he wrote the full fiction feature series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’, he said “I was amazed at the response it got, people really liked it. I think I enjoy writing a lot and performing comes close second. I am writing another fiction show and soon, you all will get to know about it.” He was asked about writing on TV or featuring a show, he shared “I have to really like the script. Currently, I do not have the bandwidth to do TV but it’s a great platform for many things, for example, live cricket commentary. I am open to doing television, but it has to be something that suits my style.”

Image Source: O Universe Da TV

Apart from Biswa Kalyan Rath, there are other six contemporary comedians to judge the show and mentor new competing comedians; these are Kenny Sebastian, Tanmay Bhatt, Sapan Verma, Kanan Gill, Naveen Richard and Kaneez Surkha. The show is hosted by Abhish Matthew and Sumukhi Suresh.

Featured Image Source:

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Upcoming movies that will change the trend of Bollywood industry



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Bollywood is changing at very fast speed.  There is no doubt that now the makers, as well as the actors, are looking for something different.  Not to forget, Bollywood is changing its methods and image to show more and more part of the side of the world.  If you still think that Bollywood movies are all about hero dancing on roads, wooing girls and crashing cars, then here are some movies that will release soon and surely going to change your perspective toward the industry.  Apart from that, these movies will be going to change the trend of Bollywood industry forever.

#1 Sanju

Based on a real-life story of Actor Sanjay Dutt, Sanju is an upcoming biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor as lead. The story includes the journey of Sanjay Dutt who was a superstar of Bollywood industry but how different things changed him into a drug addict and he went to jail for hiding guns at his home. The film will also be going to show the hard side of the actor in jail and how he overcomes all difficulties and finally get his life back.

#2 Brahmastra

An upcoming Indian superhero fantasy film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead. The film is directed by Ayan Mukherji and also going to cast Amitabh Bachchan for a vital role, The film is divided to into parts, however, the first part of the film is all most complete.

#3 Thugs Of Hindostan

Based on book  Confession of a thug written by Philip Meadows Taylor in 1839. Thugs Of Hindostan is about a Thug Ameer Ali who created challenges with his gang to the British government in India. The film is showing early 19th century when the country was ruled by the Britishers.

#4 Zero

Zero is featuring Shahrukh Khan as Short stature men who fall in love with Katrina Kaif, the actress is playing herself in the film. Apart from both, Anushka Sharma is going to play the role of an intellectually disabled girl in the film.

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#5 Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga is an upcoming film based on small-town couple featuring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.  The look of the film is surely different and because of that, there are high expectations as well. Sui Dhaaga can be a game changer that can change the trend in Bollywood industry.

#6 Stree

A horror comedy film based on the real incident that happened in Bangluru. there was a famous story in the 1990s, according to the story there was a witch who used to roam at night in streets of the city. Well, she calls out for people and knocks their doors, if someone opens the door that person will die within 24 hours. Based on the story, Stree is going to be humor filled with the cast of Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao as leads.


#7 Gold

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is based on 1948 era when Indian Hockey team won the Olympic medal for the first time. The actor is going to show the proud story and struggles that people faced.

#8 The Accidental Prime Minister

Adaptation of book written by Mayank Tewari, the film is based on a political drama about The prime minister of India who served the nation from  2004 to 2014. Anupam Kher who is one of the best actors in an industry is going to play the role of Manmohan Singh.

#9 5 Weddings

The film is set in the two countries i.e. the United States and India, starring Nargis Fakhri and Rajkumar Rao.  The film is based on Nargis who is an American journalist sent to make a feature for Magazine but she gets trapped with the stories of transgender and their life. Another film which is going to show a different trend of Bollywood.

#10 Chanda Mama Door Ke

Chanda Mama Door Ke is about the first Indian first astronaut who landed on Moon. The film is going to be the first spaceship film that ever made in India and will be the real game changer and will affect the trend of Bollywood.

trend of Bollywood

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100 Acting Pillars of Bollywood which can overshadow Star dominance [ Gallery ] Part I



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 Featured Image Source: Gethu Cinema

Best Bollywood actors in limelight often considered those who dominate the film industry as film stars. But it is not always the whole truth, in fact, most of the significant best Bollywood actors are into shadows but they overshadow the star power when given chance. Bollywood surely ruled out with star power, however that doesn’t mean they are not good or even best Bollywood actors but there are a lot of others who are not getting such stardom or limelight, sometimes not even the shred of what they get. Here we put them into a showcase for you as the best Bollywood actors who can even overshadow star dominance on a silver screen.

Here are the 50 best Bollywood actors from the 100’s list | Rest Coming Soon

#1 Pankaj Tripathi

Image Source: Bollywood Dhamaka

#2 Deepak Dobriyal

Image Source: Cinestaan

#3 Saurabh Shukla

Image Source: DNA India

#4 Anu Kapoor

Image Source: Womantimes

#5 Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub

Image Source: Filmcompanion

#6 Pankaj Kapoor

Image Source: bingehour

#7 Rajesh Sharma

Image Source: IMDb

#8 Ranvir Shorey

Image Source: BookmyShow

#9 Kay Kay Menon

Image Source:

#10 Adil Hussain

Image Source:

#11 Vijay Raaz

Image Source: Medium

#12 Pawan Malhotra

Image Source: Magnamags

#13 Sanjay Mishra

Image Source: Punjabigram

#14 Kumud Mishra

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#15 Rajiv Gupta

Image Source: Youtube

#16 Vipin Sharma

Image Source: Kinky Little Boots

#17 Naseeruddin Shah

Image Source: Pinkvilla

#18 Varun Sharma

Image Source: Cinestaan

#19 Ashutosh Rana

Image Source: Dailymotion

#20 Ronit Roy

Image Source: Newsmobile

#21 Pitobish Tripathy

Image Source: jdmagicbox

#22 Brijendra Kala

Image Source:

#23 Atul Kulkarni

Image Source: Moviegalleri

#24 Asif Basra

Image Source: Youtube

#25 Paresh Rawal

Image Source: Alliswall

#26 Girish Karnad

Image Source: Livemint

#27 Siddharth Basu

Image Source:

#28 Vikrant Massey

Image Source: platform-mag

#29 Jackie Shroff

Image Source: Cinemaexpress

#30 Avijit Dutt

Image Source: DSSC

#31 Piyush Mishra

Image Source: Lallantop

#32 Ishtiyak Khan

Image Source: Sfindian

#33 Manish Chaudhary

Image Source:

#34 R. Madhavan

Image Source: Bollywood Mantra

#35 Manoj Bajpayee

Image Source: Bookmyshow

#36 Murli Sharma

Image Source: Mega Marathi

#37 Late Narendra Jha

Image Source: BizAsia

#38 Amol Gupte

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#39 Irrfan Khan

Image Source: Humaraphotos

#40 Rajat Kapoor

Image Source: Mansworldindia

#41 Anupam Kher

Image Source: theindianwire

#42 Manu Rishi

Image Source: movie.webindia123

#43 Yashpal Sharma

Image Source: Yuva Haryana

#44 Vinay Pathak

Image Source: Magzter

#45 Nana Patekar

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#46 Prakash Belawadi

Image Source: Creative Mornings

#47 Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Image Source: Inglim

#48 Jaideep Ahlawat

Image Source: Slant Magazine

#49 Ashish Vidyarthi

Image Source: Youtube

#50 Mukesh Tiwari

Image Source: Bfirst

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