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SUBMIT YOUR STORY at, CC to with Subject ‘ Submission Guest Blog for TSP’ and Voila Click to Send! But first, please read the following procedure

PROCEDURE for Guest Blogging

We are not paying for Guest Blogging opportunities, for now, is already filled up with our interns lately. We do accept and admire the submissions and credit those authors. Not just that, If the work is so fascinating or enough to hypnotize us, there are chances of paid opportunities in that case. Till then see the bright side of being a storyscooper, part of something building tomorrow.

Better If submit topics and then, the story

We recommend you to send us topics from our categories you see on the menu of our website, see some posts and get the idea. Once approve the topic, you can go for guest blogging with us. Or if you think you have something excitingly matching with our vision, you are most welcome to send blog directly. 

Take Care of these 

You should take care of these points when you submit guest blogs to us : 

  1. Content Should not be plagiarized, I mean come on, isn’t it obvious!
  2. Content should be minimum 500 words, maximum 2000 or at least don’t write a book! 
  3. If you are sending images, it should be of high quality and high resolution, try not to use google images unless it is labeled as ‘ free to use’ or get free stock images. And in case you are providing images from any source, please mention the source, link to the image as well as the source website. 
  4. You can use your personal blog links and share your views related but please don’t make it promotional if you are not featured as sponsors with us :). Make your link relative to the post, not just stuffed. 
  5. Please also send about you, your profile, works etc

Feel Free to Contact Us and suggest any category or anything worth! 

Happy Storyscooping ! 

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