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The Philosophical diaries : Sneek to the life through editor’s Glasses- Chapter 1



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The days gone past in my life was harder to me than ever but made me to my final conclusion what I exactly want from my life. An Individual should know about his desires, wishes and destination and of course what way he will choose.

You must know what you are seeking or what seeks you. This is Philosophical diaries – some collections of my past experiences, some philosophies that hit me.

I, found myself when opened my eyes after my battle against a storm of thoughts, illusion, XL size ambitions and disappointments at the dilemma of a decision but what was good about that is the half victory as I had felt as when you got the way to grab your dreams with some extra points.

It’s true that the wind will not obey your direction always but an outline of planning should be in your mind which directs your way to reach where you want to be. 

That’s Why Life should be a Journey, Instead!

Photo by Aneta Ivanova on Unsplash

Goals are meant to be set by any ambitious person to meet one’s dream but my philosophy says Life should be a journey, it must have stability and focus but as a journey whose destination be called death. I know this sounds crazy and flying overhead but let me open it. Imagine that day had come which you have dreamed of, of course with determination and hard work achieved your success but what about the next day.

“The language I have used may sound bit classy or vintage as these are excerpts from my philosophical diaries long ago. I have modified those excerpts and pieces into post that can guide you over and give you a fresh perspective to think, instrospect things from a unique angle”

Actually, Life is never about the aim you choose, the destination where you want to reach or achievements or not even hangover of success it’s always about the journey to achieve, about relationships, experience, fun, change, and self-realizations, it’s about people you meet, relations in which you bond, experience you get after committing bundles of mistakes,  fun you feel, change you came across and self-realization in the fractions of time when you introspect that makes you, you. The next day of your achievement will not  be peaceful, not excited, not interesting and that’s it because success or achievement(as the world consider it) or your desire fulfilled is just like a piece of cake, you eat you enjoy and  it’s end and believe me you never remember taste of the cake. So, How Life should be? How does it suppose to be?

Its view is dependable on your vision and what I say regarding this is – it is liberating, interesting, moving, changing, coloring, sporting and loving. Anyone can come with a usual question that why somebody should bother to think about everything? But I understand and really have a great sympathy towards the patient.

Would you ever be able to apprehend that how profession, ambition, and Passion have their role play in our lives and where they intersect?

Photo by Benjamin Voros on Unsplash

Getting back to our question, The life should be and it is, although you see it, like a flavor which always being loyal to its host. You acquire life as a flavor or essence and I promise the happiness, the delight, the peace, you get can be never like before. The taste of success and achievements are comparable nothing.

Decide what inside you has say for your trueself, Choose what truely represents you

You know we have taken things very incorrect and adjustable or according to our comfort. Mark your achievements in the journey of your life, you may not get it. I mean, Aim shouldn’t be like “ I want to be doctor or engineer or actor” or  “I will be a businessman or somewhat profession” that’s not how it suppose to be, it should transform into your Ambition, not a profession. These sentences are of a profession but what if you say “ I will be the world’s best heart surgeon or I will open free and easy medical services to undeveloped areas or Will bring revolution in medicine industry” Han? Or “  One day, our country counts first in list of best engineers” or one may say “ My Machines or inventions will be milestone for technology worldwide” Or An aspiring and ambitious actor can say “ I will take the industry to my era or I will be milestone of millions of aspiring actor or “ As Actor, I will not just accomplish international awards but also be a true icon of inspiration ”. A businessman will say “ My company or startup will be most successful and innovative around” or something like that.

These quoted expressions very well explain what it suppose to be. Any ambitious person will raise his voice in this kind of tone which only states that Ambition works for society, for the country, and for humankind or it’s development, it doesn’t bound with self-centered mentality or money making oriented dreams. It’s free from Family based wishes but Profession is simply what you do to earn money and meet your needs although needs are never enough to satisfy one’s hunger of desires.

Ambition Brings Change! , Change to society, change to country and change to the world. It’s about to set new milestones of achievements not only for own sake but for to inspire and aspire others. The Man of Ambitions was a remembrance of greatness, the idol of dedication, determination and hard work and live beyond the ages and respire in heart of history.

There are bigger questions like what actually differentiate Ambition and Profession and How passion lead among all of them to the greater good. This shall be explained in next chapter of this article series. Your mind will be blown by more eye-openers! 


Some people do their work, we call them professionals and when he does better we name them very professional and the rest best at work are countable in society as some of the tone of respect, some of the rich group and some successful ones but they still far from being great.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

I know not everyone can be great and it doesn’t need to be but the mentality of being great makes a person live his life better and better with time.

There is a simple mathematics of life –

Ambition + Morality = Success

But Apart from Math, Do You know what is –

Success – Morality =?

It’s simply Over Ambitious. I know It’s not the right Mathematics but, Life is never 2+2=4. So, When We don’t have Morality in our DNA, Our soul got intoxicated as an ambition turned into over ambition and lacks the realization that how far he can bend to touch his success and time came he broke.

Morality, I call it Moral programming by which our mind and soul bind with. It tells us what is Right or Wrong. Morality preserve humanity, kindness, loyalty, self-respect, truth, conscience, self-belief, and other factors which make human a human.

A Morality deficiency man is corrupt and defective part of humanity till he changes or repaired. it may harm or affect others, society or humanity. The more he gets contaminated with ill ethics more he became dangerous, it dwells in the world as ill-treated object or pollutant or destructive human weapon. Neither the love is supplied to him/her nor accepted. Over ambition often ends to the destruction of dreams, thoughts or even human as A over ambitious person never own his gifts of life the God has given him and chase his illusioned dream which proves to be unbeneficial to everyone even to self. Respect to family, love from Family, Responsibility towards them, Duty of human and his principles, ethics, and morals are burnt in the fire his desire and I believe who can sell his soul, can’t be great.

Sacrifice should not be misunderstood by alienation and ignorance of love ones, sacrifice means the refusal of own happiness to meet someone’s smile.

Humans, being very smart and so try to vision the world by their glasses of comfort and easiness. They look what they want to, they hear what they want, they speak but without the tongue pain. So, what we being through is,  Life should be a journey and one should be Ambitious with morality, not professional statues.

We should live dreams, not catch dreams. Like I have mentioned that Ambition + Morality = Success, but our starter question doubting about what is the success? It’s should be flavor or essence rather than a piece of cake. So, According to the driven philosophy I believe, Success is not a point or if you think it is then, don’t go for it, it is a line whose end point is death  and there are infinite lines bisects a point , that point is your birth point and lines are your ways to live life what you make or what you choose because they are infinite . What I concluded is Life is not about to be successful, it’s about to learn from failures that mean failures are essentials as they are our moral teachers appointed by God. we fail, got sad but learn and move on then what is a success? Damn, I understand! To learn from failures, to rise above human, to live happy, to achieve dreams which make change or serve and delight people and you, to explore what life meant to be as you, to be great and live like legend with leaving trails as others path, to make people happy and serve humankind, and even to being simple man who loves his family and live for  responsibilities with a effortless try to be and make happy under grace of God. Is nothing but exactly the success. A success which runs in the stream of livelihood but unidentified and ignored.

You are not born to be a money-making machine. You are more than that. Be Something else

How people can think God send you in the world to earn a lot of money and fine! to earn! but to spend just on you and your family’s lust of luxury.? He makes you on purpose to make money more than you deserve and misuse on the sake of your selfish means or even to flow evil practices, is that you think?. Are you going to left this world with all your assets?

Remember you born nude and you will be left from here in the same condition, don’t try to challenge the almighty as filling your pockets with bucks.

The more money, a person has rated as more successful, yup I agree, A man ability, talent, and work coins his financial position but is it everything?

But characters are important more than position, even more than brains.

The tendency or capability or emergence to change and to learn from failures makes a human successful.

Money is essential but the absence of money doesn’t mean the person is not successful but fighting with fact, a person is never being financially ungifted if he follows the right path and smart decisions. And the presence of Money more than a person needs will not multiply the chance of person’s immorality but how he turns his money that’s differentiate the person from the wrong one.

I don’t understand why money as in its singularity treated sometimes as an element of ego, destruction, temptation and often figured as a lot of misconceptions about it. I mean, Money is.. something everybody needs, everybody wants,  societies across globe needs and myself too want enough money to finance my dreams and fulfill my needs. It just turns to different aspects as it comes to human hand and there is a point where money depends upon his owners will, wishes, and morality. Then it turn to sometimes black money, sometimes money of proud and ego, sometimes money of destruction and selfish needs, money of cruelty and temptation and so many names  but the fact is money can construct lives, fulfill dreams, serve people, spread happiness and act as weapon of life  provided how you accept it.

Decisions make your destiny, a wrong one can’t ruin you completely as by god’s mercy he always facilitates at least a chance to everyone to regain him but a wrong decision can make your path of success or we say a journey of success harder, complicate and disturbed. Decisions come after the test of your life and before the failure, as you learn about your failure and repair it and with soon effect you come to the point again where a decision is waiting for you. But it’s not complicated or depressing as I wrote it, it’s very simple and clear that live your life and make a decision what you want, what your conscience orders you, what your heart says and what your mind suggest you and rest believe on God and you. leave the things wherever they are. Everything is repairable and time heals you if it ever hurt.

There is a saying, “ Take care of small things, Big ones take care of themselves”.

I cannot define life or its even understand it and one should not calculate the hard facts of life and its procedures. Let things go and conditions will be spared.

I personally believe to just enjoy life and its creativity.

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Comicstaan judge Biswa Kalyan shared that people secretly judge comedy but to give them rating was challenging



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 Stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath is currently judging and mentoring the comedy stand-up show Comicstaan along with other six stand-up comedians. The comedy stand-up show basically is comedy talent hunt shows where the seven comedy contemporaries are supposed to find out the best 10 selected comedians from the auditions in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The show has started streaming on the Amazon Prime

Image Source: Twitter

Biswa Kalyan who is an IIT alumnus talked about the show and his comedy stint along with what really changed the field of stand-up comedy. He has been popularly known for his stand-up comedy shows and also got his stand-up comedy original show ‘ Mast Aadmi’ on Amazon Prime. He also wrote the web series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’ 

Image Source: justdial

Biswa Kalyan has shared that every new show teaches one about the world and how the person is as well. According to him, doing Comicstaan was a great experience. He said everybody secretly judges comedy but the challenge was to do it in the public where one’s opinion really matters. He shared that they can laugh at times but ultimately they have to rate it which required a lot of introspection. He has said  “Every new show teaches you a lot – about the world and who you are. Doing Comicstaan was a great experience completely. We all secretly judge comedy, but it was a challenge to do it publicly as your opinions really matter. You can laugh but to come down to a number and rate an act, it needed a lot of introspection.”

Image Source : Forummalls

He said that the participants were really so much talented that they didn’t need much mentoring. He also learnt a lot during the process of judging Comicstaan. He also mentioned that the actual challenge was to polish their strength in comedy without imposing their thoughts and ideas on their content and style. He said that he and others have really fun interacting with these new comedians.

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He added  “The participants were really talented and so they did not need much mentoring. But yes, during the process I got to learn a lot. The challenge was to maintain and polish their strengths than forcing our thoughts and ideas. I must add it was a fun time interacting with these young people,”

Watch Comicstaan Now | Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Biswa Kalyan shared that according to him, every comedian should write their own act and they should never follow other’s style. He mentioned that a joke actually an intellectual property and it should not be copied. He also said when the comedian writes their own stand-ups it will be easier to act it that way. On writing is his strength, he further talked  “I think everybody should write their own acts and never follow anybody else’s style. I think a joke is also an intellectual property and it shouldn’t be copied. And when you write for yourself, you know its soul and it’s easier to perform that way.”

Image Source: The Manipal Journal

Biswa Kalyan further talked about his last writing experience where he wrote the full fiction feature series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’, he said “I was amazed at the response it got, people really liked it. I think I enjoy writing a lot and performing comes close second. I am writing another fiction show and soon, you all will get to know about it.” He was asked about writing on TV or featuring a show, he shared “I have to really like the script. Currently, I do not have the bandwidth to do TV but it’s a great platform for many things, for example, live cricket commentary. I am open to doing television, but it has to be something that suits my style.”

Image Source: O Universe Da TV

Apart from Biswa Kalyan Rath, there are other six contemporary comedians to judge the show and mentor new competing comedians; these are Kenny Sebastian, Tanmay Bhatt, Sapan Verma, Kanan Gill, Naveen Richard and Kaneez Surkha. The show is hosted by Abhish Matthew and Sumukhi Suresh.

Featured Image Source:

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Upcoming movies that will change the trend of Bollywood industry



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Bollywood is changing at very fast speed.  There is no doubt that now the makers, as well as the actors, are looking for something different.  Not to forget, Bollywood is changing its methods and image to show more and more part of the side of the world.  If you still think that Bollywood movies are all about hero dancing on roads, wooing girls and crashing cars, then here are some movies that will release soon and surely going to change your perspective toward the industry.  Apart from that, these movies will be going to change the trend of Bollywood industry forever.

#1 Sanju

Based on a real-life story of Actor Sanjay Dutt, Sanju is an upcoming biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor as lead. The story includes the journey of Sanjay Dutt who was a superstar of Bollywood industry but how different things changed him into a drug addict and he went to jail for hiding guns at his home. The film will also be going to show the hard side of the actor in jail and how he overcomes all difficulties and finally get his life back.

#2 Brahmastra

An upcoming Indian superhero fantasy film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead. The film is directed by Ayan Mukherji and also going to cast Amitabh Bachchan for a vital role, The film is divided to into parts, however, the first part of the film is all most complete.

#3 Thugs Of Hindostan

Based on book  Confession of a thug written by Philip Meadows Taylor in 1839. Thugs Of Hindostan is about a Thug Ameer Ali who created challenges with his gang to the British government in India. The film is showing early 19th century when the country was ruled by the Britishers.

#4 Zero

Zero is featuring Shahrukh Khan as Short stature men who fall in love with Katrina Kaif, the actress is playing herself in the film. Apart from both, Anushka Sharma is going to play the role of an intellectually disabled girl in the film.

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#5 Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga is an upcoming film based on small-town couple featuring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.  The look of the film is surely different and because of that, there are high expectations as well. Sui Dhaaga can be a game changer that can change the trend in Bollywood industry.

#6 Stree

A horror comedy film based on the real incident that happened in Bangluru. there was a famous story in the 1990s, according to the story there was a witch who used to roam at night in streets of the city. Well, she calls out for people and knocks their doors, if someone opens the door that person will die within 24 hours. Based on the story, Stree is going to be humor filled with the cast of Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao as leads.


#7 Gold

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is based on 1948 era when Indian Hockey team won the Olympic medal for the first time. The actor is going to show the proud story and struggles that people faced.

#8 The Accidental Prime Minister

Adaptation of book written by Mayank Tewari, the film is based on a political drama about The prime minister of India who served the nation from  2004 to 2014. Anupam Kher who is one of the best actors in an industry is going to play the role of Manmohan Singh.

#9 5 Weddings

The film is set in the two countries i.e. the United States and India, starring Nargis Fakhri and Rajkumar Rao.  The film is based on Nargis who is an American journalist sent to make a feature for Magazine but she gets trapped with the stories of transgender and their life. Another film which is going to show a different trend of Bollywood.

#10 Chanda Mama Door Ke

Chanda Mama Door Ke is about the first Indian first astronaut who landed on Moon. The film is going to be the first spaceship film that ever made in India and will be the real game changer and will affect the trend of Bollywood.

trend of Bollywood

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100 Acting Pillars of Bollywood which can overshadow Star dominance [ Gallery ] Part I



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 Featured Image Source: Gethu Cinema

Best Bollywood actors in limelight often considered those who dominate the film industry as film stars. But it is not always the whole truth, in fact, most of the significant best Bollywood actors are into shadows but they overshadow the star power when given chance. Bollywood surely ruled out with star power, however that doesn’t mean they are not good or even best Bollywood actors but there are a lot of others who are not getting such stardom or limelight, sometimes not even the shred of what they get. Here we put them into a showcase for you as the best Bollywood actors who can even overshadow star dominance on a silver screen.

Here are the 50 best Bollywood actors from the 100’s list | Rest Coming Soon

#1 Pankaj Tripathi

Image Source: Bollywood Dhamaka

#2 Deepak Dobriyal

Image Source: Cinestaan

#3 Saurabh Shukla

Image Source: DNA India

#4 Anu Kapoor

Image Source: Womantimes

#5 Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub

Image Source: Filmcompanion

#6 Pankaj Kapoor

Image Source: bingehour

#7 Rajesh Sharma

Image Source: IMDb

#8 Ranvir Shorey

Image Source: BookmyShow

#9 Kay Kay Menon

Image Source:

#10 Adil Hussain

Image Source:

#11 Vijay Raaz

Image Source: Medium

#12 Pawan Malhotra

Image Source: Magnamags

#13 Sanjay Mishra

Image Source: Punjabigram

#14 Kumud Mishra

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#15 Rajiv Gupta

Image Source: Youtube

#16 Vipin Sharma

Image Source: Kinky Little Boots

#17 Naseeruddin Shah

Image Source: Pinkvilla

#18 Varun Sharma

Image Source: Cinestaan

#19 Ashutosh Rana

Image Source: Dailymotion

#20 Ronit Roy

Image Source: Newsmobile

#21 Pitobish Tripathy

Image Source: jdmagicbox

#22 Brijendra Kala

Image Source:

#23 Atul Kulkarni

Image Source: Moviegalleri

#24 Asif Basra

Image Source: Youtube

#25 Paresh Rawal

Image Source: Alliswall

#26 Girish Karnad

Image Source: Livemint

#27 Siddharth Basu

Image Source:

#28 Vikrant Massey

Image Source: platform-mag

#29 Jackie Shroff

Image Source: Cinemaexpress

#30 Avijit Dutt

Image Source: DSSC

#31 Piyush Mishra

Image Source: Lallantop

#32 Ishtiyak Khan

Image Source: Sfindian

#33 Manish Chaudhary

Image Source:

#34 R. Madhavan

Image Source: Bollywood Mantra

#35 Manoj Bajpayee

Image Source: Bookmyshow

#36 Murli Sharma

Image Source: Mega Marathi

#37 Late Narendra Jha

Image Source: BizAsia

#38 Amol Gupte

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#39 Irrfan Khan

Image Source: Humaraphotos

#40 Rajat Kapoor

Image Source: Mansworldindia

#41 Anupam Kher

Image Source: theindianwire

#42 Manu Rishi

Image Source: movie.webindia123

#43 Yashpal Sharma

Image Source: Yuva Haryana

#44 Vinay Pathak

Image Source: Magzter

#45 Nana Patekar

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#46 Prakash Belawadi

Image Source: Creative Mornings

#47 Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Image Source: Inglim

#48 Jaideep Ahlawat

Image Source: Slant Magazine

#49 Ashish Vidyarthi

Image Source: Youtube

#50 Mukesh Tiwari

Image Source: Bfirst

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