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The Philosophical diaries Chapter 2 : What you have never being told about life



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Featured Image Source :Pexels

Hi ! This is Philosophical Diaries Chapter 2, We will continue here my excerpts of philosophies which I collaged a back in a day, so again just for the records, the language of the diary excepts may different than I usually write, quite classy and creative-treatement with wordsThis is the second article of the series The Philosophical Diaries, If you haven’t read the first part Catch up here The Philosophical diaries : Sneek to the life through editor’s Glasses- Chapter 1

I love what blackberry tagline brushed on my heart is “ Love what you do. Do what you love”, really obey that. Download all goodness in your heart and introspect with things you come across, it will conclude you to better results and bring to the ultimate solution of your life what is called Self Realization. After which you have your planned way of living successfully in the journey to the end and when you know what to do and where to go, I promise myself not to give up.

Problems and calamities are inescapable, they both are a natural disaster, one to man and another to men but again both to men. So you can’t stop or jump off, just be prepared and learn from them.

Again dating with the same question , served first was “ what is success?” is somewhat I described to my extent, but on the continuations, I want to add some,  that life is journey and success is also journey so by the rule life is success, the god create us to do karma and forget about results, that’s easy to  do whatever you feel is good and rest leave to God but Do at least something he wants because personally I cannot obey everything he says but try to everything as I am naughty child of him and..ya!  be naughty, not evil.

He punishes but loves you. We are here to serve people, country, and humankind, love yourself, others and God and spread smile, love brotherhood and help every needy. It’s not always to find to help someone, just live as you living and smile and help whenever you get a chance and believe me it’s enough.

I am not a social worker, not a Dharmguru, not a teacher, not a hero but just a simple man with good living sense.

Lifestyle is neither about timetable nor about luxury, it is about way of living, it is about belief

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

It’s important to have a particular lifestyle, Lifestyle is not referred as show off, not as a strict timetable or not a living manual. It just a way how you live, make it standard, no you are going wrong, I didn’t mean costly or luxury or even branded, standard says a structure flexible to you and according to you. How your activities performed daily? What living sense you have? What personality do you wear? How your plannings steps. It’s not a rocket science to study and research, just do according to self-comfort and self-development along with installations of your new habits you want to acquire.

Photo by Eliud Gil Samaniego on Unsplash

Lifestyle encourages you to remain constant on your path, it leads to the ways where you meet all fruitful gifts of life and tackles you from any immoral diversion. Your Habits, your perception, and your life philosophies and principles are the insidious part of your Lifestyle. Strict timetables are for commandos, You just follow your heart but without disturbing other’s lifestyle and you know Time Management, people try to learn from books, study but actually it’s not any science but just a common sense. When to do, what to do and which to do first and I think, to control yourself in order to focus your decided way simply mark the things which you do not suppose to do, differentiate bad things from you which is easier way and of course we notice dark side first.

By my philosophy, it’s easy to swallow,  an empty vessel only can be occupied not filled one. Elaborating, your mind or soul can accept or allow the goodness only when it has emptiness or power of acceptance which only provided by profanity of keepings exist in you.

Getting simpler, A clean towel only can clean body as dirty one do the reverse.

Lets again hang with the question, What success meant to you? At least now when I portrayed you the traditional meaning which buried in your mind about the very starting, a meaning we apply without investigating it or the meaning which I want to convey you, which I served you, it might don’t click you yet or still itching your curiosity …okay! Moving on I try to challenge myself that how much I loyal or sponsor of this philosophy, make more questions about it and scratch your head and bully the queries and questions to me?

You are, what you dream

Peeling more, I or anyone can understand that why success should be journey or why way to get your aim is important than aim, exceptions are there thank you if to achieve something good for another or to help someone, something bad can forgettable or forgiven by God but that’s completely different because there is involvement of selflessness or holy thoughts and so we call it a “help” a “service” or “selfless love”. The matter which I am describing is to achieve your dreams, desires, wishes or aim or you say, self-centered love, coming to point the way you choose to conqueror your dreams will construct your personality, character, identity and even the fate where you will really meet your dream or not. If your way is healthy then I believe  that journey itself is a successful line through which you pass by day and night phases of life, selecting between decisions where the wrong one hurts you, stops you but teaches you and right one grow you to succeeding step but the selection process stands on dilemmatic circles, transacting love, happiness and even sorrow with the people you meet, you love , you hate or you know , and; of course the mirage of misunderstandings , ignorance, unawareness, and number of myths try to bound you , fear you , try to trap your courage and conscience ultimately roped your soul in the cage of lifeless boundaries and then your mentality, vision and will power will be slave of an unseen evil energy which will never let you fly over your destiny and grab the skies of endless happiness.

Actually, as by your side, Success is calculated by adding his credential achievements, financial capacity, status, assets collection and reputation and this is the damn reason for any type of sorrows in the world. You name it and I have its reason and that will be this mentality myth of wrong success’s definition. Smallest scale of evils born in heart of human will be the factor of hazardous social calamity.

I tell you how…

Corruption grows in an unsatisfied and tempted soul, Money givers in the corrupted system are the individuals who are bound to part of the society as to stand on the wrong definition of success, they make money by every means of crook although an exception says it’s temptation and show off but that’s what the life and it’s psychology taught him, that to be rich is to be successful.

Corruption grows in an unsatisfied and tempted soul

There is nothing like good or bad,  A good ‘s reflection in the dirty mirror looks inverse and called bad. An exceptional way of doing things is beyond good is can be bad, although I discover the fact things are not either fall in good or bad, some just exist and rest is your glasses.

Where I was, yah! Like corruption actually a factor of the rise from bucket of myths and misconceptions kept in your mind, Terrorism and Crime also came from the fact that people misuse the term success and Most of the criminal offense and terrorism practices are fired by lust, hunger, eagerness for success( success- by your definition), fame and immorality which all are small parts of the fall holes of success race. I mean people ignore moral values, character’s value, and motives in the blindness of race to achieve what they call success. Money oriented and lust oriented minds are, even have ambition but mostly falls into the hell of bad fellows as they look their aim, not the way, not the journey, no curiosity to learn or stop for love ones, no enjoyment of life’s delight, don’t taste the desserts , what they hold was just a foolish energy to grab everything, to conqueror world, to be king but should we call them ambitious? , No they are over-Ambitious and as I sketched earlier over ambitious leads to destruction and this destruction has many names like corruption, Terrorism, Crime, Rape, Harassment and end with more.

The Mantra of Life is living itself :

Ambition is not a good thing at all, aspiration is, a professional is not enough rather passion it. Dreaming isn’t enough but doing it and success is circumstantial and addictive, thus the best you get is peace. Embrace whatever make you peace, whatever feel you good. Happiness & Love, at last works for everyone, rest is uncertain.

I am not driving a solid definition that taking success a wrong conception as I see it and another is just a reason for anything bad in the world, Nay! I am intriguing the possible facts which are linked with these conventional philosophies with which we are bounded to live with that success is, fix your aim, go for it and nothing else!. How childish! What about the way he chooses? Who will tell him that how far he suppose go to meet his dreams?  Are dreams costlier than your ethics or Can you sell yourself to buy your dreams? I am against boundations over anything but limits are important, God has planted long enough sky according to your feathers of desire, above that you will get nothing but hell. Money Orientation turns ambition into over ambition which is the hidden factor of most of the sorrows in the world. The wrong way of getting the right thing is the way of disasters –  it can be in personal, social or global.

I don’t recommend to be a very nice person, Remember genuine doesn’t mean foolish. Be gentle but smart, be good but clever. Be bold but with the truth. Be defensive but the attacker within. Attack when being attacked. Don’t be a victim of injustice. Talk good and Do good and if someone is trying to harass you, be destructive. To save, to help and to fight against evil always stand on your toes and rest life is lovable, watchable, adorable and explorable and expressible. Do what you want.

My philosophy is not a hard and rude structure, it’s not engineering, it just a thought, a perception, a vision, a concept which I owned in my life. If anyone believes or impress enough to absorb any part of the article or as whole that will be an achievement for me but if not, there must be several reasons and I can understand it.

Even when I was writing it, I wrote as my diary nothing else but it says me..”Hey! I became like an article” so I continued it days on and on and the procedure is running right now also. I read my head and heart, try to filter with soul and map down it on paper.

Life is complicated but the way of living or we say the art of living is as much simple as the word “ simple”. Make your own beliefs, lifestyle, principles, ethics, and way of living to live your dreams. Happiness is the common medicine of any problem.

And Remember patience reading is always fruitful and gifting.  

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Comicstaan judge Biswa Kalyan shared that people secretly judge comedy but to give them rating was challenging



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 Stand-up comedian Biswa Kalyan Rath is currently judging and mentoring the comedy stand-up show Comicstaan along with other six stand-up comedians. The comedy stand-up show basically is comedy talent hunt shows where the seven comedy contemporaries are supposed to find out the best 10 selected comedians from the auditions in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. The show has started streaming on the Amazon Prime

Image Source: Twitter

Biswa Kalyan who is an IIT alumnus talked about the show and his comedy stint along with what really changed the field of stand-up comedy. He has been popularly known for his stand-up comedy shows and also got his stand-up comedy original show ‘ Mast Aadmi’ on Amazon Prime. He also wrote the web series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’ 

Image Source: justdial

Biswa Kalyan has shared that every new show teaches one about the world and how the person is as well. According to him, doing Comicstaan was a great experience. He said everybody secretly judges comedy but the challenge was to do it in the public where one’s opinion really matters. He shared that they can laugh at times but ultimately they have to rate it which required a lot of introspection. He has said  “Every new show teaches you a lot – about the world and who you are. Doing Comicstaan was a great experience completely. We all secretly judge comedy, but it was a challenge to do it publicly as your opinions really matter. You can laugh but to come down to a number and rate an act, it needed a lot of introspection.”

Image Source : Forummalls

He said that the participants were really so much talented that they didn’t need much mentoring. He also learnt a lot during the process of judging Comicstaan. He also mentioned that the actual challenge was to polish their strength in comedy without imposing their thoughts and ideas on their content and style. He said that he and others have really fun interacting with these new comedians.

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He added  “The participants were really talented and so they did not need much mentoring. But yes, during the process I got to learn a lot. The challenge was to maintain and polish their strengths than forcing our thoughts and ideas. I must add it was a fun time interacting with these young people,”

Watch Comicstaan Now | Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Biswa Kalyan shared that according to him, every comedian should write their own act and they should never follow other’s style. He mentioned that a joke actually an intellectual property and it should not be copied. He also said when the comedian writes their own stand-ups it will be easier to act it that way. On writing is his strength, he further talked  “I think everybody should write their own acts and never follow anybody else’s style. I think a joke is also an intellectual property and it shouldn’t be copied. And when you write for yourself, you know its soul and it’s easier to perform that way.”

Image Source: The Manipal Journal

Biswa Kalyan further talked about his last writing experience where he wrote the full fiction feature series ‘ Lakhon Mein Ek..’, he said “I was amazed at the response it got, people really liked it. I think I enjoy writing a lot and performing comes close second. I am writing another fiction show and soon, you all will get to know about it.” He was asked about writing on TV or featuring a show, he shared “I have to really like the script. Currently, I do not have the bandwidth to do TV but it’s a great platform for many things, for example, live cricket commentary. I am open to doing television, but it has to be something that suits my style.”

Image Source: O Universe Da TV

Apart from Biswa Kalyan Rath, there are other six contemporary comedians to judge the show and mentor new competing comedians; these are Kenny Sebastian, Tanmay Bhatt, Sapan Verma, Kanan Gill, Naveen Richard and Kaneez Surkha. The show is hosted by Abhish Matthew and Sumukhi Suresh.

Featured Image Source:

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Upcoming movies that will change the trend of Bollywood industry



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Bollywood is changing at very fast speed.  There is no doubt that now the makers, as well as the actors, are looking for something different.  Not to forget, Bollywood is changing its methods and image to show more and more part of the side of the world.  If you still think that Bollywood movies are all about hero dancing on roads, wooing girls and crashing cars, then here are some movies that will release soon and surely going to change your perspective toward the industry.  Apart from that, these movies will be going to change the trend of Bollywood industry forever.

#1 Sanju

Based on a real-life story of Actor Sanjay Dutt, Sanju is an upcoming biopic starring Ranbir Kapoor as lead. The story includes the journey of Sanjay Dutt who was a superstar of Bollywood industry but how different things changed him into a drug addict and he went to jail for hiding guns at his home. The film will also be going to show the hard side of the actor in jail and how he overcomes all difficulties and finally get his life back.

#2 Brahmastra

An upcoming Indian superhero fantasy film starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt as lead. The film is directed by Ayan Mukherji and also going to cast Amitabh Bachchan for a vital role, The film is divided to into parts, however, the first part of the film is all most complete.

#3 Thugs Of Hindostan

Based on book  Confession of a thug written by Philip Meadows Taylor in 1839. Thugs Of Hindostan is about a Thug Ameer Ali who created challenges with his gang to the British government in India. The film is showing early 19th century when the country was ruled by the Britishers.

#4 Zero

Zero is featuring Shahrukh Khan as Short stature men who fall in love with Katrina Kaif, the actress is playing herself in the film. Apart from both, Anushka Sharma is going to play the role of an intellectually disabled girl in the film.

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#5 Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga is an upcoming film based on small-town couple featuring Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma.  The look of the film is surely different and because of that, there are high expectations as well. Sui Dhaaga can be a game changer that can change the trend in Bollywood industry.

#6 Stree

A horror comedy film based on the real incident that happened in Bangluru. there was a famous story in the 1990s, according to the story there was a witch who used to roam at night in streets of the city. Well, she calls out for people and knocks their doors, if someone opens the door that person will die within 24 hours. Based on the story, Stree is going to be humor filled with the cast of Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao as leads.


#7 Gold

Akshay Kumar starrer Gold is based on 1948 era when Indian Hockey team won the Olympic medal for the first time. The actor is going to show the proud story and struggles that people faced.

#8 The Accidental Prime Minister

Adaptation of book written by Mayank Tewari, the film is based on a political drama about The prime minister of India who served the nation from  2004 to 2014. Anupam Kher who is one of the best actors in an industry is going to play the role of Manmohan Singh.

#9 5 Weddings

The film is set in the two countries i.e. the United States and India, starring Nargis Fakhri and Rajkumar Rao.  The film is based on Nargis who is an American journalist sent to make a feature for Magazine but she gets trapped with the stories of transgender and their life. Another film which is going to show a different trend of Bollywood.

#10 Chanda Mama Door Ke

Chanda Mama Door Ke is about the first Indian first astronaut who landed on Moon. The film is going to be the first spaceship film that ever made in India and will be the real game changer and will affect the trend of Bollywood.

trend of Bollywood

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100 Acting Pillars of Bollywood which can overshadow Star dominance [ Gallery ] Part I



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 Featured Image Source: Gethu Cinema

Best Bollywood actors in limelight often considered those who dominate the film industry as film stars. But it is not always the whole truth, in fact, most of the significant best Bollywood actors are into shadows but they overshadow the star power when given chance. Bollywood surely ruled out with star power, however that doesn’t mean they are not good or even best Bollywood actors but there are a lot of others who are not getting such stardom or limelight, sometimes not even the shred of what they get. Here we put them into a showcase for you as the best Bollywood actors who can even overshadow star dominance on a silver screen.

Here are the 50 best Bollywood actors from the 100’s list | Rest Coming Soon

#1 Pankaj Tripathi

Image Source: Bollywood Dhamaka

#2 Deepak Dobriyal

Image Source: Cinestaan

#3 Saurabh Shukla

Image Source: DNA India

#4 Anu Kapoor

Image Source: Womantimes

#5 Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub

Image Source: Filmcompanion

#6 Pankaj Kapoor

Image Source: bingehour

#7 Rajesh Sharma

Image Source: IMDb

#8 Ranvir Shorey

Image Source: BookmyShow

#9 Kay Kay Menon

Image Source:

#10 Adil Hussain

Image Source:

#11 Vijay Raaz

Image Source: Medium

#12 Pawan Malhotra

Image Source: Magnamags

#13 Sanjay Mishra

Image Source: Punjabigram

#14 Kumud Mishra

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#15 Rajiv Gupta

Image Source: Youtube

#16 Vipin Sharma

Image Source: Kinky Little Boots

#17 Naseeruddin Shah

Image Source: Pinkvilla

#18 Varun Sharma

Image Source: Cinestaan

#19 Ashutosh Rana

Image Source: Dailymotion

#20 Ronit Roy

Image Source: Newsmobile

#21 Pitobish Tripathy

Image Source: jdmagicbox

#22 Brijendra Kala

Image Source:

#23 Atul Kulkarni

Image Source: Moviegalleri

#24 Asif Basra

Image Source: Youtube

#25 Paresh Rawal

Image Source: Alliswall

#26 Girish Karnad

Image Source: Livemint

#27 Siddharth Basu

Image Source:

#28 Vikrant Massey

Image Source: platform-mag

#29 Jackie Shroff

Image Source: Cinemaexpress

#30 Avijit Dutt

Image Source: DSSC

#31 Piyush Mishra

Image Source: Lallantop

#32 Ishtiyak Khan

Image Source: Sfindian

#33 Manish Chaudhary

Image Source:

#34 R. Madhavan

Image Source: Bollywood Mantra

#35 Manoj Bajpayee

Image Source: Bookmyshow

#36 Murli Sharma

Image Source: Mega Marathi

#37 Late Narendra Jha

Image Source: BizAsia

#38 Amol Gupte

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#39 Irrfan Khan

Image Source: Humaraphotos

#40 Rajat Kapoor

Image Source: Mansworldindia

#41 Anupam Kher

Image Source: theindianwire

#42 Manu Rishi

Image Source: movie.webindia123

#43 Yashpal Sharma

Image Source: Yuva Haryana

#44 Vinay Pathak

Image Source: Magzter

#45 Nana Patekar

Image Source: Scoopwhoop

#46 Prakash Belawadi

Image Source: Creative Mornings

#47 Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Image Source: Inglim

#48 Jaideep Ahlawat

Image Source: Slant Magazine

#49 Ashish Vidyarthi

Image Source: Youtube

#50 Mukesh Tiwari

Image Source: Bfirst

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